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Our primary goal is to sponsor and support children in the form of tennis equipment.

If you are in possession of used tennis rackets please do not dispose of them as we will donate them to African region where poor children can definitely make use of them. We pro-actively pursue various means of fundraising therefore are willing to cooperate with individuals and organizations involved in charity events. Any contributions in form of… More

The tournament was organized by Tennis Bulawayo. It brought all participants from High to Low Density Suburbs of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. From our Foundation we selected 10 players to represent the club from both red and green balls.

The tournament brought together all the children training under the academy. they train at different time schedules according to their age groups. They were very exited as they played against each other showing great sportsmanship.

“We would like to say thank you to all our group and individual sponsors, especially to the sports clubs for financial help in realizing the ongoing projects”


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Check out our children…

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